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August 2008 
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You might have the whitest, straightest set of teeth in the world, but there are still threats to a perfect smile that can arise from outside the teeth themselves. A prominent gumline is the one of the most common examples. When gum tissue starts to cover a high percentage of a tooth's front surface, it can have obvious aesthetic effects. Millions of people struggle with this problem routinely referred to as a "gummy smile," but the good news is, cosmetic dentists have isolated the problem and devised proven methods for safe gum removal.


Also known as a Gingivectomy, gum removal surgery is a relatively simple procedure in which a cosmetic dentist carefully pinpoints and extracts excess gum tissue from around the tooth. Gingivectomy procedures always begin with the administering of a local anesthetic, making the area completely numb and preventing any pain as the dentist makes his incisions. Once the excess gum tissue is removed, the cosmetic dentist will use a putty-like, periodontal dressing to cover the treated area. Given a couple weeks to fully heal, your smile will be fuller and brighter, without the encumbrance of the "gummy effect."


These days, the large majority of Gingivectomy or gum removal procedures are immediately followed by another cosmetic dentistry operation known as a Gingivoplasty. With a Gingivoplasty, the dentist will take the next logical step following gum removal, and surgically reshape the remaining gum tissue, creating a natural, thinning effect where the new gumline meets the teeth. This gum contouring is usually accomplished with a soft tissue laser, allowing for maximum precision and minimal bleeding.

Used in tandem, a Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty are the perfect solution for overcoming excess gums and bringing your smile back into focus. To find out more about these exciting new developments in gum removal, and to locate a cosmetic dentist offering the surgery in your area, feel free to check out cosmetic dentistry resources at Signature Forum or our sister site, Healthy Smile Forum. Or contact us directly online or by phone at 866-355-7162.

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