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April 2008 
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Cosmetic clinics and medical spas have always been associated with skin rejuvenation treatments, hair removal, and massage therapy. As for cosmetic dentistry; however, people have usually had to look elsewhere, either to their regular dentist or a cosmetic specialist. Until now!

Slowly but surely, med spas are beginning to incorporate in-demand cosmetic dentistry treatments into their repertoire, giving customers the true, one-stop convenience of a clinic dedicated to every aspect of facial rejuvenation. The most recent example of this trend just occurred this year, as Sleek MedSpa joined forces with BriteSmile, makers of the elite BriteSmile Teeth Whitening System. Sleek, which has popular medical spa locations in New York, Massachusetts, and Florida, will soon be integrating BriteSmile whitening treatments into their clinics' list of services, which also includes Botox® injections, Mesotherapy treatments, Laser Hair Removal, and Laser Vein Removal.

The relationship between a treatment like BriteSmile and a med spa's various skin rejuvenation services makes so much sense, it's hard to believe that clinic's are just recently starting to offer all of the above. Easily one of the most effective and advanced teeth whitening treatments ever developed, BriteSmile uses blue light technology to brighten teeth up to 10 shades in as little as 30 minutes. The process is safe, and the results regularly last for 2-3 years. It's the perfect treatment to complement a Photofacial session or Microdermabrasion. After all, what's a great complexion without a shining smile to match?

Sleek and BriteSmile's partnership is sure to be just one of many ventures likely to emerge in the years ahead, as more cosmetic dental treatments make their way into full service med spas. It's good news for fans of convenience and professionalism, and definitely a reason to smile.

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