Reimplantation (Tooth)

Occurs when a tooth is put back into its alveolus after being partially or completely avulsed (knocked out). The most common teeth to become loose or fall out due to accident or injury are the upper front teeth. The success of a tooth reimplantation depends on how long it takes to insert the tooth after it has been knocked out. Usually, if a tooth has not been reimplanted within an hour, the liklihood it will "take" is significantly decreased. The tooth should be handled by the crown (not the roots) and placed in a glass of milk until it is able too be reimplanted. After the tooth is inserted into the socket or avelous, it is then splinted to stabilize the tooth as the tissue and bone surrounding it begins to heal. A patient who has undergone a reimplantation of their tooth is instructed to brush the unaffected teeth normally to keep the mouth as clean as possible until the splint is ready to be removed.
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