Teeth Whitening

This is what Teeth Whitening looks like. There are a variety of advanced teeth whitening methods available to us today. Technology is always improving, so treatments are becoming quicker, more effective, and less expensive.

Over the counter teeth whitening products like white strips and gels have become very popular, but many people find that the results are minimal and the cost over time adds up. The appealing alternative is advanced teeth whitening treatments that take just 1-2 hours, are performed in a dentists office, and last longer. Some well-known and trusted versions of these methods include Brite Smile, Laser Teeth Whitening, Zoom, and Shofu.

These advance teeth whitening procedures work roughly the same way as one another. They all involve a gel solution that contains a bleaching agent. This solution is applied to the stained teeth, and depending on the method, either a laser or intense blue light is directed at the gel. Again, the process can take about 1-2 hours, and the results usually last for 2-4 years.
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