Gum Sculpting

This is what Gum Sculpting looks like. Gums provide more than a means of anchoring the tooth; they provide a natural arch and shape for the top of the tooth. Poor dental hygiene and neglected visits to the dentist can result in compromised gum tissue, making gum sculpting necessary to maintain the integrity of the patient’s teeth and tooth support system.

Gum sculpting or contouring can also be performed strictly for cosmetic reasons. Patients with excessively "gummy" smiles can have a problem with gum tissue that grows over the length of the tooth. In which case, a cosmetic dentist will use gum sculpting (most often by diode laser) to redefine the patient’s smile.

Please note, the pricing provided is per tooth.

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Only a specialist can determine if Gum Sculpting is right for you. Contact us using the form on the right to arrange a convenient consultation with a specialist near you.

Typical Minimum Cost of Gum Sculpting:
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Typical Maximum Cost of Gum Sculpting:
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Average Cost of Gum Sculpting:
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Time Required for Gum Sculpting:
Gum sculpting can generally be accomplished in a one to two hour visit to the cosmetic dentist's office.
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What are the Side Effects of Gum Sculpting?
In rare instances, gum sculpting can cause infection.  Side effects that are most often reported include temporary swelling of the gums and mild to moderate discomfort.  Your cosmetic dentist will be able to recommend ways of alleviating these symptoms.
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How Long do Gum Sculpting results last?
If done correctly by a qualified cosmetic dentist, gum sculpting results can be permanent.
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Will my insurance company cover Gum Sculpting?
Depending on your insurance provider, gum sculpting may be fully or partially covered, especially if it is performed to remove diseased tissue, or is recommended by your dentist as preventative care.  Check with your provider to determine if gum sculpting would be covered under your insurance policy.
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What types of anesthesia is necessary for Gum Sculpting?
Generally, gum sculpting or contouring is performed with a laser, allowing patients to be treated with local anesthesia such as lidocaine or novacaine.
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